sexuality and healing

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Romance and erotica. Looking for healthy relationships, clear consent during sex and BDSM scenes, characters that possess agency, good communication between characters. Body-positive & sex-positive. 

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The founder of SinCyr Publishing is passionate about healing trauma through sexuality and created the company in hopes of providing delicious fictional erotica and romance, as well as nonfiction content to readers. Relationships and sexuality should be celebrated and enjoyed in healthy, consensual ways.

shifting rape culture one sexy story at a time

open calls


 Open Call: Kintsugi – Powerful Stories of Healing Trauma

This is a nonfiction call.

nonfiction submissions


Non-traditional relationships, consent, LGBTQ, overcoming toxic masculinity, loving your body (no matter size, gender, or disability), BDSM, and owning sexuality, PTSD and healing through sexuality.

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